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Below is the link to the signup for the upcoming Mafeking Campout. We will be camping Friday August 8th through Sunday August 10th. The campout will be at the William Landahl Park (Mud Mountain). We will be leaving from the church Friday night and returning Sunday morning to the church.


There are a lot of expenses in Boy Scouts: camp fees, travel fees, equipment, etc. We have several boys looking to earn their way to high adventure camps like Philmont Scout Ranch. So we’re once again selling Chief’s tickets as a fund raiser. Tickets are only $35 and $10 of each ticket goes to the boys!

Q: Where are the seats?

A: Tickets are “best available”. That usually means upper deck, but not always. They’re normally pretty decent for $35.

Q: What games do you have tickets available for?

A: We have pre-season tickets available. Regular season tickets may come available. Contact the scout you are supporting for the most up to date ticket availability.


Tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please make your checks payable to Troop 412. Seat locations for the discounted tickets will be solely determined by the Chiefs organization. For more details, contact the Scout who shared this with you or email

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It’s time again to start gathering donations for the Troop 412 Garage Sale. Clean out your closets. Look under the bed. Find that stuff you haven’t used in forever and donate it to Troop 412.

  • It’s great for the troop.

Troop 412 uses the proceeds from our annual garage sale to buy gear and equipment like tents, stoves, canopies, dutch ovens, as well as propane, trash bags and paper towels. Without this garage sale, the cost of ever campout would be increased.

  • It’s great for you.

Running your own garage sale is a pain! Don’t give up your whole weekend just to make a couple hundred dollars. Your donation to the BSA is tax deductible! (Receipts available)

  • When is the garage sale?

Saturday, August 2. 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

  • Where is the garage sale?

Olathe Christian Church

  • How can I donate?

If you have items that you would like to donate to Troop 412, drop off is Friday, August 1, from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. at Olathe Christian Church.  Tax donation receipts available at drop off.

  • Please share.

If you like those five new tents we bought last year, and want to get a few more, please use the share buttons below this post to share with friends and family. Let’s make this the biggest, best garage sale ever!

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For our July camp out (July 11-13) we’ll be camping at the Heartland Center near KCI/Parkville. Take a look. Heartland Presbyterian Center

Reach new heights as you are challenged to overcome barriers on The Summit’s 40’ tower or zip through the air on our 220’ zip line! Trained facilitators will customize your challenges to meet your group needs. Your experience can be designed to build self-confidence and awareness, focus on team support, and inclusion. And it’s just plain fun!

“The Summit was a great experience. We grew not only as a group but as individuals. Our department has a completely different feel about it.” – High School Department Faculty

Participants must be at least 10 years old and have completed 4th grade, wear closed-toed/closed-heeled shoes. All safety equipment and orientation will be provided when you arrive for your adventure.

We have the 9am – 12 pm slot for the course, and we may also participate in a service project.

We need to get a firm headcount by Thursday July 3. Please complete the High Ropes Camp Out Questionnaire. The cost will be $25 per person to participate on the course plus the camping is $100 per night so that cost will be divided out depending on the number of people attending (Average camp out attracts 20 campers, so best guess is $5 per night) – plus the grub costs. The center is 30 miles away so transportation costs would not apply.

Please complete this questionnaire, even if you do not plan to attend the camp out. Thank you.

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Things that need to occur BEFORE Sunday, June 15th

  • HEALTH FORMS – VERY IMPORTANT!  If you haven’t turned it in to Emily, please do so right away.  Remember if you do not have a health form, you will not be allowed to depart for camp.  Also include a copy of your insurance card.  [CLICK HERE for a link to the health form]
  • ADULT TRAINING – Any adult attending summer camp (full or part time) must be trained in their registered position.  For most of you this is a committee member and Youth Protection Training.  All training can be done online and only takes 30 minutes or so.  Make sure you are current in your training.
  • CODE OF CONDUCT – [CLICK HERE to download the code of conduct] This form is required to be reviewed and signed by all scouts and any Full and Part time leaders.  Please turn in these forms to Mr. Emch or Mr. Stoskopf at Monday’s meeting or on Sunday morning prior to departure.
  • FAMILY DAY MEAL – If you have not signed up your dishes for the family day pot luck meal, please do so ASAP.  Mrs. Luginbill and Mrs. Gonzales are coordinating the family meal. With 60 in Camp and another 120-140 visitors, we will need plenty of food!
  • MERIT BADGE SIGN-UPS –  Scouts, please send Mr. Wood the list of merit badges, and times ASAP.  If you don’t sign up for merit badges, you will be signed up for helping the Trail to First Class Program and other service projects.  Email to
  • PACKING YOUR GEAR – Start packing your gear.  Do not wait until the night before.  [CLICK HERE FOR A BARTLE PACKING LIST]   Also for all first year scouts and any others planning on taking swimming merit badge, be sure to pack a long sleeve button down shirt and a pair of long pants (slacks, not jeans), keep in mind these will get wet!  Also, make sure your swimming trunks & towel are the last thing you pack so they are quickly accessible. (Or pack your suit, towel and sack lunch in a sling back pack.)
  • MERIT BADGE PRE-REQUISITES – Not all merit badges can be completed at summer camp, some have work that needs to be completed prior to arrival (Environmental Science is one of them First Year Scouts).  Be sure to have all the necessary work completed.
  • TRIBESMAN – Don’t forget to pack your tribal attire.
  • TENT PARTNERS – You need to have your tent partner identified prior to arriving at camp.  This includes all Adult Leaders.

Things that need to occur THE MORNING WE DEPART for camp, June 15th

  • ARRIVAL – Arrive at the Garmin parking lot (Just south of the Olathe Christian Church at the corner of Ridgeview and 151st St) no later than 8:00am, our plan is to get the trailer packed, the troop photo taken and get on the road sometime before 9:00am.
  • MEDICATIONS – Have all medications in their original containers along with an index card with your scouts name and dosing instructions on it in a zip lock bag.  Mrs. McBee & Mr. Maddox will be collecting these along with any last minute health forms.
  • MONEY – If you want the banker to hold onto your money, please have it in an envelope with the Scouts name and the amount enclosed in a zip lock bag.  Mr. Mealman will be the banker at summer camp and will be collecting these the morning of our departure.
  • FOOTLOCKER LOCKS – Please have the combination to your footlocker written on an index card and give it to the banker the morning we depart.  Likewise if you have a keyed lock,  please put an extra key along with your name in an envelope and give it to the banker.
  • SACK LUNCH – Bring a sack lunch to eat on the way down.  We will eat lunch in the Lone Star Parking lot waiting in line for the gates to open.  Our first meal at camp will be dinner that evening.
  • CLASS A UNIFORMS – remember we travel in our Class A uniforms!  That means shirt, neckerchief and neckerchief slide!  If you have shorts as well that would be great but not required. (Bring a hanger to hang your uniform when not in use.)
  • TROOP PHOTO – Just before we leave we will assemble and get a troop photo (this is the photo that is on the main page of our troop website.

Things that need to occur WHEN WE ARRIVE at camp. (Approx. 12:00pm June 15th)

  • We will meet our camp commissioner and he will inspect our tents & cots to make sure everything is in good order.  If you notice that your cot or tent is torn or broke, please let us know right away so we can make note of it and not get charged for it.
  • Scouts will unload their campbox, take it to their tent and immediately change into your swim suits DO NOT UNPACK, DO NOT GO EXPLORING!.  Once you have changed, assemble as a troop at the flag pole and the troop along with Mrs. McBee and the health forms and you will head to the pool for health re-check and swim test.
  • Old Dogs will proceed to the commissioners cabin for adult check in.
  • Once you have completed all of this you are free to return to your tent and begin unpacking.  Remember we operate by the buddy system at camp so don’t go taking off on your own.
  • That evening we will enjoy the first of many gourmet camp meals!  If you signed up for Cope or Watersports, pay close attention at dinner as sign ups are typically right after dinner.

Then it’s time to enjoy 10 Days of Summer Camp!

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Get ready… The delicious Butter Braid pastry & Classic Breaks cookie dough fundraiser is back at Troop 412!

One of our most popular, Butter Braid pastries and the Classic Breaks cookie dough fundraiser is unlike many others. This is a unique product offering and $5 from every order goes directly to the Scout! (more…)

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It’s time for our annual March Bartle campout. This is the one where we do a service project at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation, see our summer campsite and get a taste of summer’s best treat – a peach Nehi float. This is also the first campout for our new first year crossovers!

Traditionally, it rains a lot on this campout, so please come prepared for mud and rain! And stay on the official paths if you’re driving. You don’t want to end up like this:

Click here or complete the form below to let us know if you’ll be attending the March Bartle campout.