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The February campout will take place at the Moon Lake base at Fort Riley.

February 22 – 24.

The PLC has approved a special patch be awarded to those who attend. ($3)

Please download and sign the The Troop Permission Slip.

Signups for this campout are closed.

Signups due Feb 4. No additions after Feb 4 – so sign up now!

Feb 18 Pre-Pack the Trailer

Feb 22 – meet at the church at 5:30 leave by 6pm. Eat before coming to the church or on the way to the church
8pm (ish) pass through security and go to Moon Lake on Base to setup camp – Mr. Brewer may (depending on weather) be able to head up early and setup tents.
10pm (ish) lights out big day Saturday

Saturday Feb 23:
This is the initial itinerary given to me by Ft. Riley:
On Saturday – wake up and have something Quick for bfast
We need to have our groups divided in half or in groups of around 20 (depending on the numbers) – Nate Enserro – Mr’s Boucher and Brewer to do
We need to have some adult and some youth in charge of both groups – Mr’s B and Nate to do
Company A (having a little military fun here) will be taken to the firing line and get to watch them test fire their Bradley’s. No the boys don’t get to shoot them. They get to watch. I know, I know, huge disappointment for them. Anyway, they’ll be up in a tower and watching them shoot stuff. It promises to be loud.
Company B will go to the Museums and maybe even the Mounted Color Guard stables. Mr. B is working on a guided tour

now you might want to send your son with $10 or $15 for souvenirs. Not a requirement. Just saying other than the neat patch, they may get a little souvenir happy.

Lunch – consisting we hope – of MRE’s supplied by Ft. Riley – yes, you and/or your son may get to eat Meals Ready to Eat. (We should probably have something for backup)

After Lunch
Company B will go to the Range
Company A will go to the Museums

5pm (ish) back to camp for dinner. Sorry, we won’t be eating at DIFAC (the DIning FACility).
Campfire – like a normal campfire with skits/songs/worship service
Crackerbarrel – many youth talking about what they saw, eating crackerbarrel food, boys being boys and talking rapidly and excitedly blahbity blah… (we hope)
10pm ish lights out 10:30 reminder lights out, 11 reminder, etc…

8am ish wake up – light breakfast
pack up
10 – 10:30 leave camp – GO ACROSS I-70 TO THE PARK on the hill with the huge cannon up the trail look around for an hour or so (depending on the weather)
Noon (ish) head for home
2pm ish back at the church to unload the trailer.

Now, some of this is not completely nailed down and won’t be nailed down until after February 4th, but that’s the plan at the moment. This will hopefully be a lifetime memory.

To learn more about Ft. Riley and the Big Red 1 (did you see the patch for this campout?) Google “Ft. Riley Kansas” “The Big Red 1″