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Troop 412 will be having our September campout on September 13 to 15 at Shawnee Mission Park. The scouts have decided to LARP. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. The theme for the LARP will be Star Wars. If you are a Star Wars junkie, you will not want to miss this event. If you’re not a fan of Star Wars, you’ll still enjoy the competition and the “capture the flag” games.

We will be gathering at the church at 5:30pm and leaving for the park at 6:00pm. Please eat dinner prior to arriving at the church. The troop will return to the church approximately 11:00am Sunday morning. Please complete the attendance survey below. If attending, please also complete the permission slip. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Bill W. at May the force be with you.


Now, please enjoy “Star Wars Kid”. Twenty-eight million others already have!


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What to pack on a canoeing campout:

▪   Sun block: This is very important, being on the water will intensify your exposure and you can get burned even on an overcast day.

▪   Chap Stick: Keep your lips healthy while on the water.

▪   Shoes for water: You should have shoes (tennis shoes or lake/water shoes) or closed-toe sandals with good support.

▪   Bathing Suit: Bring a bathing suit to paddle in or to wear while swimming.

▪   Towel: Towels are needed not only for yourself but also to dry things off.

▪   Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses are great while on the water.

▪   Hat: Keep the sun off of your face with a hat.

▪   Undergarments: Bring extra socks and underwear.

▪   Non-Cotton Shirt: Polypropylene thermal wear is a good idea if the nights get cold.

▪   Extra Pants or Shorts: It’s always good to have a change of clothes when on the water.

▪  Hiking Shoes: Good shoes are important for around the campsite or if you want to hike.


Safety Afloat Principals

1. Qualified Supervision

All activity afloat must be supervised by a mature and conscientious adult age 21 or older who:

  • understands/accepts responsibility for the well-being and safety of youth members in his or her care
  • is qualified in the watercraft skill and rescue trained
  • is trained/committed to BSA Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense and (at least one adult) certified in CPR
  • BSA ratio, 1 adults to 10 youth / Cub Scout 1 to 5  (Minimum 2 adults)

2. Physical Fitness

Keep a Health History of Your Den, Pack or Troop!

Require evidence of fitness

  • Complete health history (from physician, parent, or legal guardian)
  • Adjust all supervision, discipline, and protection to anticipate any potential risks associated with individual health conditions
  • Significant health conditions require proof of an examination by a physician

3. Swimming Ability

Key to Personal Safety

Those NOT a “swimmer” can ride as a passenger in

  • A rowboat or motorboat with an adult “swimmer”
  • A canoe, raft, or sailboat with an adult certified as a lifeguard or a lifesaver by a recognized agency
  • Note: In all other circumstances, the person must be a swimmer to participate in an activity afloat.
  • Swimmers – passed the swimmer’s test
  • jump feet-first into water over the head in depth. Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke.
  • The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and include at least one sharp turn.
  • After completing the swim, rest by floating.

4. Personal Floatation Devices

Everyone Must Wear One!

Personal Floatation Equipment

  • Properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal
  • flotation devices (PFDs) must be worn by all persons
  • engaged in activity on the open water rowing, canoeing, sailing, boardsailing, motorboating, waterskiing, rafting, tubing, and kayaking
  • Type II and III PFDs are recommended.

5. Buddy System

Similar to Safe Swim Defense

  • Buddy people
  • Buddy boats

6. Skill Proficiency

Know Your Mode & Safety Procedures

All persons must:

  • Be trained/experienced in watercraft handling skills, safety, and emergency procedures

 3 hours of training/supervised practice, or meeting requirements for “basic handling tests”

  •  Have special training for white water craft
  •  Have special training for powerboat operation

7. Planning

Planning Ahead for Every Contingency

  • Float Plan
  •  Local Rules
  •  Notification
  •  Weather
  •  Contingencies

8. Equipment

Have What You Need & in Good Condition

  • All equipment must be suited to the craft and in good repair (carry spare equipment when possible) Satisfy all state and U.S. Coast Guard requirements
  •  water conditions individual
  • Have appropriate rescue equipment BE PREPARED

9. Discipline

Be Sure Everyone Understands the Rules and Follows Them!

  • Rules are presented/learned prior to the outing  And reviewed at the water’s edge just before the
  • activity begins
  • Scouts are to respect/follow all directions and rules of the adult supervisor
  • Be strict and fair, showing no favoritism


Quatermaster Brock L, Chris B
Scribe Cameron S, Jack D
Librarian Carson W
Historian Ethan L, Clay M
Chap. Aid Nick H
Bugler Caylor H
Den Chief Bryse E
OATR Gabe C, Bryse E
inst. Cooking Jarid Mealman
inst. Edge tools Michael L
inst. Firebuilding Eddie G
inst. Knots and ropes Matt P
inst. Navigation Keaton M
inst. Plants and animals none
leave no trace none
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Download the Troop 412 Summer Camp Parent Handbook here.

H. Roe Bartle

Scout Reservation


2013 Parent Handbook


Adults POR/Roster


Campmaster: David Boucher                                       

Asst. Campmaster: Brent Emch

First Year Program:  Greg Enserro &  Nathan Paulson

Mail Call:  To be assigned

Ice and Water:  To be assigned

Merit Badge Coordinator:  Bill Wood

Lakefront:  Not needed

Health Forms:  Mary Russell

Mic-O-Say Coordinator:  Scott Wohlford

Banker:   Ron Mealman

Campsite Patrol Advisors: To be assigned

Service Project:  To be assigned

Swimming Assists:  Chuck Schinski

Outpost Coordinator: Brent Emch

Troop Rock Painting: To be assigned

Meds and First Aid:  Mary Russell

Family Day Coordinators: To be assigned


Departure:    Monday, June 17, 2013

8:00 am: meet in OCC parking lot (take troop picture in Class A Uniform; please wear kaiki shorts/pants for the picture!!!  This goes on our website.)

Scouts need to have their sack lunch, swimming suit, towel and waterbottle with them in a daypack on departure for the swim test upon arrival in camp.  If for some reason the trailer carrying camp boxes does not arrive with the troop, the scouts will have the necessary items they need upon arrival.

9:00 am: depart from OCC for camp
11:30 am: arrive in Iconium (Ico) / RHQ road and eat sack lunch and peach float

12:00 pm: wait on the road outside the camp to check in

Return:       Wednesday, June 26, between noon – 1 pm (approximate) at the church.
We can have them call parents in Clinton to give everyone a better idea of the exact return time.

Merit Badge Choices

  • HOAC web site has the itinerary as well as merit badge info, merit badge sheets are also available from Nikki Luginbill or Bill Wood
  • Be sure to read through the program guide and/or merit badge sheets and help your scout select what merit badges they would like to work on.
  • Important to read the info as some badges have prerequisites (such as bring a two liter bottle, age requirements, research, etc.).
  • First year scouts will be taking Environmental Science and Swimming Merit Badges These are required for Eagle. First year scouts will need a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and a belt that can get wet. Environmental Science merit badge has some requirements (3E & 4) that are easier to complete before attending camp.


  • If, while we are at camp, an emergency arises, we will get in touch with you via the contact info you provide on the Health Forms.
  • If you NEED to reach the Troop for some reason, call (913-488-5316) to David Boucher, Campmaster, at that number.  Cell coverage is poor so you may have to leave a voicemail.  You may have better luck sending a text message as they tend to get through even when coverage is spotty.  Include your name so he knows who is sending the message.
  • He will check for messages a few times each day.  Because coverage is spotty and recharging cell phones is not easily done, it’s not feasible to leave them on 24×7.
  • In extreme emergencies, if you need to reach the camp or Troop, call the camp main line during office hours (417-646-8115).  Ensure they know you are calling for Troop 412, located in Camp Sawmill, Campsite Locust.


  • ALL medicines need to be in the original container and placed in a zip-lock bag in the original container with the directions for administering along with a 3×5 card marked with the scout’s name and the dosing schedule.  Prescription medication need to be in the original container including medicine name, prescribing information, doctor’s name and pharmacy phone number.  Please see the troop website under “About Us” and then “FAQs.”
  • NO MEDICATION will be allowed to remain with the Scouts, as they need to be controlled and monitored carefully.  This includes EVERYTHING (over-the-counter and prescription) EXCEPT FOR inhalers for asthma and epipens for allergies.
  • If you have an inhaler or epipen, it would be good to have a spare included with the Troop medications for the Scout/Scouter in case the primary unit is lost.
  • Parents need to complete the “Authorization for Administering of Medications” Form.
  • Meds will go to Mrs. Russell in the parking lot before we depart.  Plan to have enough time to ensure this is completed.


  • Scouts will pack all their belongings in their campbox.
  • Needs to be a reasonable size and needs to be stackable—no more than 12” tall to fit under the cot.  Boxes should be able to slide under cots to ensure space in the tents.
  • Must be able to keep water out if it needs to be left outside.
  • It should be lockable with a padlock. Give the combination or an extra key to the Banker or the Campmaster.
  • Do not leave money in your campbox. Put money in a baggie and give to the banker before leaving for camp.

Health Forms

  • What is the most important thing to bring to camp??  HEALTH FORMS, complete, current, and correct.  Without these, you cannot go to camp!!!  In fact, you will not even be able to travel with the Troop TO CAMP and will be sent home.
  • Ideally they will be turned in at a Troop meeting and not on July 9th.  If you are expecting to turn in forms when you depart, ensure the Camp Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster KNOW this information!!
  • NEW health forms are required this year.  Doctor’s signature is required.  Note that the old Class I, II, and III health forms can no longer be used.

Class A Uniform

  • Scouts wear it traveling to and from camp as well as to various ceremonies at camp.
  • Send a hanger with your Scout in their camp box.  If they don’t have one, they will likely wad up the uniform and cram it in the corner of their foot locker.   NOT a good thing when they need to attend ceremonies.

Water Bottle(s)

  • Water bottle should have a clip to hook it onto their belt or belt loop or a strap to carry around their shoulder. The boys need to have their hands free when they hike.  Water bottles should have the Scout’s name and TROOP 412 printed on them.
  • If they can’t hang it on their belt or belt loop, they tend to lay it down and lose it. Carabiners can be purchased at hardware and camping stores around town.
  • Send a couple of different sizes so they can figure out what they like carrying better and which one they are more likely to actually drink from.  Smaller is usually better than larger.
  • Scouts are to bring their water bottles with them at ALL times while at camp.  Staying hydrated is critical at camp and helps to ensure other problems don’t arise.


  • Send small bills as they are easier to manage, don’t just send a $20 bill.
  • Mugs for slushies are $3-4 and refills are $1 each at the Osage River Trading Company (aka The Trading Post).
  • Be sure to send a sharpie so they can mark anything they purchase with their name and troop number.
  • The leaders WILL NOT tell the boys what they can or cannot buy or how much they can spend.  It is up to the scout to manage their money and make it last.  You can portion out amounts in envelopes with dates to be given out if you wish.
  • The Iconium Store sells low priced pocket knives that seem to be very appealing to the boys.  Ico sells lots of things that the boys will find interesting and appealing.   Most of what they purchase there will NOT last and is not durable—especially in the hands of a teenage boy, but they still have fun, and that’s IMPORTANT!!
  • Ico also sells peach floats and other snack items.  We do visit the Ico store a few times during camp, so plan accordingly.
  • If they wish to buy a pocketknife, the LEADERS are asked if it’s ok.  If the Scout has their Totin’ Chip Card (and money), the purchase will be “approved.” If you are opposed to letting them buy a pocket knife, please make the Campmaster aware.


  • Bring Totin’ Chip Card if they have earned it.  Without it, they cannot use a knife at camp.  If they misuse or abuse the privilege of using a pocket knife, they will lose the knife and/or Totin’ Chip card.
  • NO sheath knifes are allowed.  Just reasonably sized pocket knives.  Also, no ‘assisted open’ knives are allowed.
  • They will have the opportunity to earn a Totin’ Chip card if they haven’t already.
  • If you don’t want your scout to have a pocket knife, please notify the Camp Scoutmaster.


  • Be sure to include boots and/or sturdy tennis shoes for walking and hiking.
  • A second pair shoes or boots are HIGHLY recommended!!
  • Make sure the shoes are broken in and not new to avoid blisters.
  • Sandals that are closed-toed are okay, open toes are not.
  • Water shoes are not allowed in the pool.
  • Flip flops are only allowed in the showers.

Free Time Activities

  • Okay to bring Frisbees, cards, checkers, board games, crafts, etc.
  • Not okay to bring cell phones, ipods, Game Boys, electronic gadgets/games, etc.
  • Bring a small chair or stool for sitting around the campfire, etc.
  • Work on handicraft merit badges!

Mark Belongings

  • Write name and troop number on ALL of their items…including every shoe and towel.
  • Many of the scouts clothing look alike, so it helps prevent mix-ups—especially at the pool.

Swimming Pool

  • Swimming test is required!  All Scouts will take a swimming test.  Those not passing will be allowed to retake the test, and can take swim lessons as well. A scout who does not pass the swim test will still be allowed in the pool BUT only in the shallow end and will not be allowed to finish the swimming merit badge.
  • Taking the swimming test is the first thing the Scouts do at camp when they arrive and there are many, many scouts going through the test.  Patience is a virtue!
  • Let the leaders know if your scout has difficulty swimming.  If your scout is not a strong swimmer, the troop has leaders to help them with their swimming tag, but we need to know who may have troubles. Taking some lessons or getting in a pool PRIOR to arriving at camp can help. We can not guarantee that all scouts will pass the test and/or earn the swimming merit badge on their first time at camp.
  • Bring at least one long sleeved shirt and one pair of long pants for their swimming merit badge.  Hint:  think baggie…not jeans.  Bringing clothes from ‘dad’ is a GREAT idea!!

The first camp check-in procedure is reporting to the camp pool for medical re-checks and to take the swim test.  BSA standards require evaluation of all campers’ swimming ability.  The three classifications of swimming skills are non-swimmer, beginner and swimmer.

The test consists of:

  1. Jump feet first into water over your head in depth.
  2. Swim 75 yd or m in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen or crawl.
  3. Then swim 25 yd or 100 m using an easy, resting backstroke.
  4. The 100 yd or 100 m must be swum continuously and include at least one sharp turn.
  5. After completing the swim, rest by floating as motionless as possible.
  • Scouts/Scouters fulfilling all the above requirements wear blue swimmer band.
  • Scouts/Scouters who can only jump in water over their head, swim 50’ with and make one sharp turn, wear a red beginner band.
  • Scouts/Scouters who cannot complete the beginner requirements or Scouts who choose not to swim will wear a white band.
  • All Scouts must have a swim band.

Scouters who do not take the swim test will not have a swim band; however, full-time and part-time leaders need to understand that some aquatics and Lakefront programs will require a swimmer band.


  • The Troop (and all of Camp) eats meals in the Dining Hall in Sawmill.
  • Table assignments (seating) will be made by the Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.  Each table will have at least ONE adult leader present
  • Scouts are expected to serve as KP as scheduled by the SPL/ASPL.
  • All Scouts and leaders are to be ON TIME to meals (schedules are published, travel with the Troop if possible), and everyone is to have clean hands, and appropriate attire (sleeveless shirts are not allowed so don’t bring them).  No hats in the dining hall, please.
  • Scouts should be sure to EAT the meals provided.  Snacks near mealtimes may be forbidden.  Leaving the dining hall and going to the trading post to load up on ice cream and candy is neither allowed nor encouraged.

Troop Activities

  • The Troop will ‘circle up’ in the morning and evening for flag ceremonies in our campsite.  Announcements may be made at that time by any Scout or Leader.
  • Scouts need to be ON TIME to these meetings.  If you need prompting to be up in time, the youth leaders will ensure you are up and prepared. Sleeping in or staying in camp alone WILL NOT be allowed.
  • Watch the bulletin boards for schedules and materials that you may need to be aware of.
  • The Troop will have one or more campfires in our campsite.  This will include skits and songs. Each Patrol needs to participate..
  • The Troop will also need to prepare and present a skit for the closing night campfire.  Scout volunteers for this should coordinate with the SPL/ASPL
  • We will also likely participate in a CAMP activity/competition on Visitor Day.  Come and share in the fun.
  • Outpost Programs.  These are fun activities done at camp, and do not interfere with merit badge programs.  Scouts will be allowed/encouraged to participate in these activities as they are scheduled.  They often include meals (lunch or dinner) and Scouts need a mess kit (with drink cup and utensils) for these meals.  Plan to pack one.

Forbidden Items (please leave at home!)

  • Sheath or open assisted knives
  • Fireworks
  • Aerosol cans of any kind
  • Firearms of any kind
  • Tobacco or alcohol products
  • Personal food or drink
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Shirts with tobacco/alcohol promotion
  • Drugs (unless prescribed)
  • Liquid fuel
  • Hammocks
  • In campsite showers (please use showers provided)
  • Electronic equipment (only use when traveling)
  • Bikes

Packing Tips

  • Mark all items (including each shoe and towel) with a Sharpie; include name and troop number. Items do get mixed up in the tents and left around the campsite.
  • Pack items in multiple, large Zip-Loc bags; write name on bags. Keeps items dry and helps keep your scout organized. Rolling clothes tightly and squeezing all air out of bags before packing saves room.
  • Clip flashlight and water bottle to carabiner to prevent losing them.
  • Pack or load your backpack/camp box in reverse order of when you will need the items. Rain gear, hat and jacket should be on top.
  • Bring a small roll of duct tape. It fixes almost anything from equipment to preventing blisters on your feet.

Health Lodge/Emergencies

  • There is a health lodge at camp, open at all times for emergencies and after meals for ‘sick call’.  If a Scout is ill, they need to advise an adult leader, who will ensure transportation to the health lodge to see a doctor.
  • All scouts visiting the health lodge will have a report written to ensure the incident is tracked.  Serious issues will be reported immediately to their emergency point of contact.
  • A hospital is located in Clinton MO for emergency situations.  Appropriate evacuation and transportation for such emergencies will be made, and you will be notified immediately if this happens.

Mailing Address

SCOUT NAME, Troop 412
Camp Sawmill, Campsite Locust
H Roe Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 NE Scout Camp Road
Osceola, MO  64776-9000

Preventing Homesickness

  • Send mail!!!  Get friends and relatives to send mail.
  • If you time it right, they can get mail every day they are away, but stop about day six.
  • Send your first letter a few days before they leave camp to get it there on day one.  See above for address.
  • Send care packages.  Sending extra cash for slushies, etc. is a great idea and scouts find it very fun to get.  Don’t send chocolate or things that won’t do well in the heat as the mail sometimes sits in the post office for a few days.  Twizzlers, jerky and other types of candy to share can make them a hit with the other scouts as well. However, no food will be allowed to be left in a tent, so it will be locked up.  Don’t over do it.
  • Avoid mentioning fun activities you have done while they were gone.  Don’t say “I miss you” in your letters—even though you actually do miss them.  That does not help them feel better about being away from home.  In fact, it may make the homesickness worse.
  • Send them with envelopes, stamps, stationery and pens so they can write TO YOU!!
  • Plan on attending visitors day, but beware that they may try and talk you into taking them home.  Encourage them strongly to stick it out.  Tell them you are PROUD of them for going to camp.  Tell them there is NOTHING going on at home and things are really boring.
  • There IS a phone at the trading post.  Making a call REQUIRES a phone card or an expensive collect call.  The Troop highly recommends that you do NOT send your Scout with a phone card.  Scouts that are homesick need to talk to the Camp Scoutmaster or another adult present.  If they have a chance to SNEAK off late at night to call you (by having a card in their wallet!), they may.  IF you DO get a call, again, encourage them to talk to the leaders, tell them you are proud of them, and do NOT come to pick them up.  If they DO call you, please notify David Boucher (contact information here) so we know what’s going on.

Important Reasons Not to Pull a Scout Out of Camp Early

  • Camp is EXPENSIVE—no refunds.  Remember that big check you wrote???
  • Camp is FAR FROM HOME and a LONG DRIVE.
  • They lose whatever work they have started on a merit badge; it is very hard to make up.
  • They will be very proud of themselves when they do stick it out and complete camp.
  • Trust that the leaders will call you if something is truly wrong.

Other Important Considerations to Discuss With Your Scout

  • Inform your scout that any damage to the tent or camp equipment is extremely expensive to fix and the cost will ultimately be deferred to the scout and your family.  Even minor damage is EXPENSIVE!!
  • Caution them not to punch holes in the tent with their pocket knives or to jump on the cots, spray bug repellent in tents, etc.

Visitor’s Day: Sunday, June 23rd


Colleen Delehanty,

Important Times to Know on Visitor’s Day

 9:00 am   Caravan (car pool) leaves Indian Trail parking lot

10:00 am   Bartle opens to visitors

12:00 pm   Lunch is served

12:45 pm   Lunch clean-up; prepare dinner

1:00 pm   Visit Bartle and Osceola/Ico sites

3:00 pm   Boat race at the pool.  Be prepared to wait a while…in the sun!!!

3:30 pm   Pack up and say goodbyes

4:00 pm   Hit the road

Visitor’s Day is always on the Sunday during the camp session.  Visitor’s Day is an important time for each boy to show off the camp to his family.

The caravan will leave from the parking lot at Indian Trail Junior High School (151st Street just east of Ridgeview) about 9:00 am. The camp is open to visitors at 10 am and we will eat at noon.  We have to be out of Bartle by 4:00 pm that afternoon when the gates are closed. After eating lunch, we will prepare the food for dinner and guests will need to remove their non-disposable dishes. After clean up, you will be able to tour the camp with your son during that time and enjoy activities around camp.  The boys really look forward to this!!

In addition, the Bartle kitchen staff does not work on Sunday and therefore neither lunch nor dinner is provided by the camp.  This means that the visiting family members from the troop are responsible for bringing in the food for both meals.  A buffet lunch will be shared with the visiting family, scouts and leaders.  A dinner of cold cuts and leftovers will be strictly for the scouts and leaders of Troop 412 that evening after the families leave.

We will have a sign-up for food items.  No kitchen facilities will be available, so food cannot be heated/cooked after arrival. Please label any serving dishes or spoons that you would like back.  In addition, the scouts and leaders will need quite a few of us to leave coolers for them to store the food that they will enjoy that evening and hopefully for a couple of days after that.

The troop will provide:

  • paper products (plates, napkins, utensils, cups)
  • Iced tea and water

Each family of visitors needs to bring:

  • a meat entrée to serve 10 people
  • a side dish like salad, watermelon, etc. (pre-cut fruit and veggies into zip-lock bags)
  • (some families) a cooler that you can leave marked clearly with your name
  • lawn chairs

Something to consider bringing as a treat for scout (or leader):

  • soda pop or other favorite drink not allowed at camp (except alcohol) ☺
  • chocolate, candy, jerky (enough for that day—keeping food in tents is prohibited)
  • chips and other snack items for cracker barrel later

Some ideas for what meat entrée to bring would include:

  • pizza
  • fried chicken
  • rotisserie chicken
  • brisket
  • lasagna
  • spaghetti in a crockpot
  • whatever your scout likes best

We also need families to sign up for the evening meal items.  Please sign up at the orientation meeting for cold cuts & bread, condiments, chips, pickles, veggies, more watermelon, etc.

Be sure when bringing food that needs to stay warm to insulate it with wrapping the container in lots of layers (like blankets, etc.).  Be sure that none of the dishes are made with mayonnaise and other ingredients that do not keep well in the heat.

If you would like to pick up food on the way down so that it is fresh, there are several places to stop by, but you would need to leave earlier than the caravan to beat the rush of all the other troops’ families attending Bartle for visitor’s day.  Some ideas are:

  • Subway– 1803 E Ohio St, Clinton, MO‎ – (660) 890-0782‎–Website‎ – Directions
  • Pizza Hut— 1501 N 2nd St, Clinton, MO‎ – (660) 885-5559‎–Website‎ – Directions
  • Domino’s Pizza—1200 E Ohio, Clinton, MO‎ – (660) 885-3111‎–Website‎ – Directions
  • Brown’s Barbeque—805 E Ohio St, Clinton, MO‎ – (660) 885-0210–Directions
  • Toadsuck Grill (barbeque)—12716 NE Highway C, Osceola, MO – (417) 646-8006–Website‎ – Directions
  • Scott’s Iconium Store—12770 C Highway, Osceola, Mo – 417.646.2221 Website (Call ahead to order a pizza)
  • Walmart Supercenters (2 locations)
  • Edward’s Smokin’ BBQ—112 W Rives Rd, Clinton, MO‎ – (660) 890-2525‎–Directions
  • 102 N 2nd St, Clinton, MO – (660) 885-0241–Directions
  • 1712 E Ohio St, Clinton, MO – (660) 885-5536–Website‎ – Directions

After dinner, please plan to enjoy your afternoon with your scout.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Walk to The Point—overlooks the lake.  Bring your camera—great Christmas card spot.
  • Get a peach float. They have other flavors too, but don’t admit to not having peach.
  • Go to the boat races at the pool.  The troops all race their cardboard/duct tape boats. ☺
  • Go to the trading post.  Lots of Bartle and BSA items.  (Great gifts for later.)
  • Take a drive to Osceola Cheese plus the Famous Scott’s Market.
  • Find the 412 rock.  It may or may not be painted at that time.
  • Visit the merit badge locals (Eco Lodge, etc.).

Plan to be back at Camp Long  no later than 3:30 pm to allow time to pack up any belongings, say your goodbyes and leave camp by 4:00 pm.


Required Items:

  • CAMP BOX (13” TALL MAX) WITH LOCK (extra key or combination to SM)

CLASS A UNIFORM (wear traveling to camp)

  • BSA SHORTS (or kaikis)

CLASS B UNIFORM (daily wear for 9 days)

  • TROOP OR CAMP T-SHIRTS (available at camp trading post)
  • EXTRA UNDERWEAR (boxer-type prevents rashes)
  • COTTON T-SHIRTS for sleeping
  • 2 pairs of HIKING SHOES and/or TENNIS SHOES (already broken in)
  • 1 – 2 pair JEANS
  • 1 – 2 pair SWIM TRUNKS
  • DAYPACK and MESS KIT (only if you plan to participate in outposts)
  • MEDICATIONS (to be administered by the Campmaster Staff, provide in original containers)
  • include: handkerchiefs/tissues in baggie, 1-2 bath/pool towels, soap, toothbrush, paste, comb/brush
  • 1 – 2 WATERBOTTLES (include carabiner clip or strap)
  • 2 FLASHLIGHTS and EXTRA BATTERIES (LED type headlamp-type is handy)
  • SUNSCREEN (30+ spf, LIP BALM, INSECT REPELLANT (non-aerosol, as aerosol damages tents)
  • HAT (breathable; wide-rimmed protects ears from sunburn)
  • Any items required for merit badges listed in the program guide (ie, pre-requisite work)
  • LONG PANTS (not jeans) AND LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT are required if taking swimming merit badge

Optional Items:

  • TENNIS SHOES or MOCCASINS (No open-toed shoes allowed on campouts!)
  • CLOTHES WASHING SOAP (small plastic bottle or powdered biodegradable)
  • SPENDING MONEY (can be checked in with the Campmaster Staff)
  • STATIONERY (stamp and address envelopes at home)
  • SMALL FIRST AID KIT (You can make your own: BSA Handbook, p. 289.)
  • CAMP CHAIR (not allowed on weekend campouts, but OK at camp)
  • 1 large TRASH BAG (Prevents items from getting wet: ie, sleeping bag, backpack, etc. Can also be used to haul wet things home.)

Schedule and Activities

Daily Schedule

         7:00 am   First Call—Reveille

7:15 am   To the Colors—Flag is raised—KP call

7:30 am   Breakfast

7:50 am   Lifesaving participants leave after 60 second KP

8:30 am   Merit Badges and Scouting Skills

9:30 am   Merit Badges and Scouting Skills

10:30 am   Camp Scoutmaster Meeting

Lunch Outpost Programs -            Troop Swim – Patrol Acitivites

11:40 am   KP Call

12:00 pm   Lunch

After Lunch   SPL Council

12:45 pm   Rest Period

2:00 pm   Merit Badges and Scouting Skills

3:00 pm   Merit Badges and Scouting Skills

4:00 pm   Troop Swim

4:30 pm   Dinner Outpost Program

5:00 pm   Staff and Leaders’ Swim

5:40 pm   KP Call (No KP on Day 4)

5:45 pm   Flag Retreat

6:00 pm   Dinner (Day 4 is at 5:30 pm—KP Call at 5:10 pm)

7:00 pm   Troop Activities

8:00 pm   Evening Programs

8:30 pm   Brave & Warrior Ceremonies (Days 6 & 8)

9:45 pm   Call to Quarters (All Scouts in Campsite)

10:00 pm   Taps—Lights Out, All Scouts in Tents

10:15 pm   Troop 412 Leaders’ Meeting (11 pm Days 6 & 8)

 How to get there

South from Kansas City via Harrisonville – Highway 71 south to Harrisonville. Highway 7 from Harrisonville, south to Clinton. Highway 13 from Clinton to St. Clair County Highway C. Stay on Highway C approximately 12 miles to a stop sign. Turn right (south) through the town of Iconium, Missouri. The camp entrance is less than a mile from Iconium on County Z. Signs will point the way.

North from Springfield – Highway 13 through Lowry City to St. Clair County Highway C. Stay on Highway C approximately 12 miles to a stop sign. Turn right (south) through the town of Iconium, Missouri. The camp entrance is less than a mile from Iconium on County Z. Signs will point the way.

West from St. Louis – Take I-70 to exit 78, and then go south on Highway 65 through Sedalia,Missouri to Warsaw, Missouri. Stay on Highway 65, two miles south of Warsaw to State Highway 82 to Harper, Missouri (approximately 17 miles). At Harper, take St. Clair County U to Iconium, Missouri. The camp entrance is less than a mile from Iconium on County Z. Signs will point the way.

Camp: Sawmill, Campsite:Locust – Troop 412

Download the Troop 412 Summer Camp Parent Handbook here.